There are people around the world struggling to hold on to their faith. As a result of stress, family issues, peer pressure, medical issues or more. These people fight secretly to hold on to what they believe in but most people fail at it. But with the support of close friends, these things can be achieved. Here are 5 simple but powerful ways of helping a loved one struggling with faith:


The most important thing to do before approaching a loved one who’s struggling is to pray to God to soften your heart towards them, to help you feel their pain and empathize with them. Ask God to help you set aside your cares and prepare your heart to listen to them well.
When you pray, you should also ask for God’s wisdom so that you can respond well to them, but the most important thing, is to ask God to speak through you.

Aside praying, another important thing to do is just listen to your loved one. Most times, people don’t really want to be adviced; they only want to be understood. According to research, listening is very crucial to your ability to respond well to people’s needs.

Deciding what to say can be extremely hard depending on the situation. With a loved one feeling emotionally worn down, the most important thing you can do is to remind them of how important God is in their life.
Pray again
After taking the time to listen to any new thoughts or feelings that they may have to share, it is so important to pray again. Whether you pray with the person, over the person, by yourself, or in all of these ways, devote what has just happened to God.
Say and live ‘Amen’
Rather than waiting for your emotions to change, maybe deciding to have confidence in God’s truth despite your emotions will generate the emotional change you’re waiting for.
source: Gospel Blog

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