MEMORY VERSE: “I told you I am he,”Jesus said; “and since I am the one you are after, let these others go” (John 18:8-LB). 
Text: John 18: 8, Deut 32: 8- 14, 30- 33
To defend is to protect somebody/ something from attack. It could also mean to say or write something in support of somebody/ something that has been criticized.
Through our recent studies on leadership, I’ve come to discover that a good leader must be selfless, courageous and have the ability to stand out for his people.
From our text, we saw how God protected his people from the howling wilderness as though they were the apple of his eyes. Jesus also recognised his place as the good Shepherd and as such he didn’t run away from the face of danger. He stood his ground, protecting his followers from harm and was willing to lay down his life for his followers. 
Looking at the life of David also, he pursued after the bear that took away his sheep until he rescued it. All these spurns from a heart of love toward the people they were leading.
God has committed this responsibility to us. He says we are the ambassadors of Christ; so we should stand in the gap and be responsible for the people or things God has entrusted into our hands. Jesus had this testimony: ”During my lifetime here, I have kept safe withing your family all of these you gave me. I guarded them so that none perished except the son of hell as the Scriptures foretold. The question now is, “Are we willing to do for others what Christ has done for us”? 
PRAYER POINT: My Lord, I must confess that this is a very difficult task, so easy to say but hard to implement when faced with reality. Please, help me to stand in the gap and be a defender in whatever capacity or the people or things  you’ve given to me.

REFERENCES: John 17: 12, 1st Corinth 13: 7b, 1st Sam 17: 34- 36. Oxford dictionary.
 By: Igwe Vivian
Source: Solemn Whispers Devotional

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