MEMORY VERSE: “But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart “. (Luke 2:19).

I grew up in a family of 8. 7 of us, plus my dad were in choir. Only my mom & our last born weren’t in the choir. I developed interest in drums & started learning. There was no drum set back then in my church (precisely sometimes around 1995-1998). Since I was in dire need of learning, I  did some crazy stuff – like going to refuse dumps to pack “Bournvita” tins, going to the Carpenter to look for wood (for construction of foot pedal for drum set). To cut the story short, I succeeded many times to create my own drum set. Of course, I faced persecutions, as I stayed in a face-me-I-face-you compound. They would come with cutlass and destroy my precious drum. But I was resolute. I would give them an interval of one to two weeks and still go back and arrange them again. While doing all of these, people may think I was mad, but some of my family members who knew me, had complete trust in me. And today, it’s history. Lubem Imoko, Samuel Tersoo, Ezekiel Obe & the rest can testify to what God is doing in my life.
There were so many prophecies about Jesus Christ, so that when all these things started happening in His life & the people couldn’t understand what this “ordinary son of a Carpenter” was doing, the mother & father still trusted him. This is a very big lesson to parents and intending parents.
Ask God for grace to be able to know your child as he grows. We all know that children are very inquisitive. Reason why they would break a good looking toy when you buy them is because they want to know what’s inside. It takes a very careful parent to observe this. But most times we scold at them (because of the hard times). If you can encourage that child, he may end up becoming an engineer tomorrow. You need wisdom and grace from God, because at this early stage, you must invest so much in their  lives.
Let us create an enabling environment for our children to be able to come out freely and interact with us. Spend quality time with them, as this strengthens the bond between you. Engage them as soon as they start understanding, “go”, “come” etc in the family devotion. Don’t wait until they grow up. And of course, you must be the 1st role model in their lives. This makes parenting easier for you.
PRAYER: Father, I receive the grace to be a good parent in the name of Jesus. My children will grow up to love You and serve You all the days of their lives in Jesus name.
Reference: Proverbs 22:6
By: Godwin Owulo

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