“And when the multitudes were gathering together unto him, he began to say, This generation is an evil generation: it seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it but the sign of Jonah”. (Luk 11:29)
Jesus Christ is our sign; a sign for us to look at and return to God, confess our sins, accept HIM and do His will.  He is our sign just as Jonah was the sign of the old(Luke 11:30).
Jesus called the generation, “a wicked generation”. He called us a wicked generation, because we don’t want to labour but harvest. We look for signs of the endtime so we may make heaven at a dying minute.
This can be compared with exam malpractice. One who carries out exam malpractice wishes to pass exams but won’t prepare until the exam time. When he discovers that exams are come, he now uses all sorts of means to write and pass.
God is not looking for people to occupy heaven. He is not mobilizing people for a protest or rally.
It is not God’s desire for everybody to get saved (make heaven) just on the last day. He would not tell anybody the date so that one can probably not prepare chokes(repent a day to rapture).
God is interested in you and I, therefore, we have to renounce our former selves (the sinful nature), believe in Him and do HIS will whether rapture is 1 million days away, 100 thousand days away or whenever.
He doesn’t want anyone of us to stop at believing that there is God, but go ahead and serve Him from the time we have come to believe in Him until our last minute on earth.
He is not looking for people who will believe in Him and wait till rapture is two or one day away before they start serving Him. He is not looking for company, there is already a community of believers in heaven; He is looking for worthy candidates who will do His will here and also join Him there, but NOT GATE CRASHERS.
Ask your self, “Am I a candidate”? 
PRAYER: Almighty Father, I believe in your son Jesus CHRIST- my Lord and Savior.
Grant me the grace even to do His will. Amen
REFERENCE; Matt 16:1-4, Luk 
By Aondofa Samuel

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