MEMORY VERSE: For John came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, he hath a devil. Matt. 11:18
 Jesus say this when he was teaching & preaching the gospel in Galileans Cities. This was after John has sent message to confirm from Jesus if He’s the Messiah.
Come to think of it, if you don’t smokes, drink or dress the way others do they will call you pastor, But have you ever greet someone and introduce him or her to your friends, MEET THE HIGHEST CRIMINAL IN THIS STATE. 
Belove, we are living in an undecisive generation Jesus describe it, “it is like unto children sitting in the market” (Matt11:16). Whatever you do in this generation they must call you different kind of name, John the baptist refused to eat & drink they say he has devil spirit, Jesus came eating & drinking they say he’s friend of sinners (matt11:19).
As a believers living in an unpredictable generation we need to stand firm no matter any tribulations. Rejoice and be glad when men persecuted you, and say all manners of things falsely for my sake (matt 5:11-12).
PRAYER: Father give us the grace to rejoice and be exceeding glad when this generation give us names and persecute us for serving you.
REFERENCE: Matt 11:1, Matt 11:16 -19 Matt 5:11-12


Source: Solemn Whispers Devotional

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