MEMORY VERSE: “Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee” (Ex 20:12).
The passage of the wedding at Cana is one that is pivotal in evaluating how much Jesus esteemed His mother. The event itself might seem mundane but its spiritual importance emphasizes the 4th commandment (Exodus 20:12). 
Firstly, it was possible for heaven to make up a foster father for Jesus, would it have been valid to make up a foster mum? (I mean a Mum with no biological connection whatsoever). Mary’s womb was the first tabernacle of God and before that could have happened, far more than just being a virgin, heaven had to bestow grace enough to help Mary bear ALL the burdens of parenting Jesus. Hence Jesus (who had come to fulfill the law), who loved and appreciated everything about His mother couldn’t afford to go against her will even though “His hour was not yet come”(John 2:4).

We, like Jesus, must always realize that the connection between us and our mothers (parents) is more than superficial and we have a duty to love and appreciate them with all of our being.
Mum would need you at various instances: when she’s feeble, when she needs love, when she needs to rest on your shoulder, when she wishes to accomplish things her corporeal strength can no longer achieve. Will you always be there to aid? Please do! It’s a fundamental commandment of our Heavenly Father. And it is the only one that attracts a reward – Longevity.
PRAYER: Lord, help me to honour my mother (parent) lovingly that I may dwell in your and reap your reward of Longevity. Amen.
REFERENCE: Exodus 20:12, John 2:3-6
By: Muyiwa Felix

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