Sinach had what we call a memorable time out with Kids from CE Brampton Canada where she was opportuned to have a great time talking and redirecting their mind back to what we see as the most important in life. 
Success and fulfilment are two different things from a very distant perspective. Instead of pursing fulfilment, many people find themselves running after shadow called success, the paradox is that, a fulfilled man is a successful man, but a successful man is not in all cases fulfilled.
Sinach got me on this wheel when she told us about what transpired between her and some kids from CE Brampton Canada.

I am always amazed at children’s  idea of fame colored by the world (media) They ask me sometimes: where is your limo? Do you have a mansion? You must have a lot of money! And lol some ask, do you live in Hollywood ? To them that is the definition of success which those around them have taught them. Sinach

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These are some of the many questions kids ask as they are directed by what they watch and hear via the media, but the worst of is how parents  have little or no time to inculcate the right senses into their wards.

I always pause to redirect them as much as time would allow me that; the definition of success is measure by the positive impact you’ve made in the lives of people. We must redirect our children’s mind to this always so that can pursue impact more than pursuing money.

Impact satisfies. Lust for money leaves you empty even after you get. Impact creates wealth! Sinach added.

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