MEMORY VERSE: Luke 22: 31-32  “And the Lord said, Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that He may sift you as wheat”
32    But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren. 
A leader is someone who guides others in any endeavour. He or she is someone who does things for others to imitate.He mustn’t be necessarily greater than His followers in all ramifications but it’s better when he is ahead of his followers in that particular area he is leading.
As Christians we are leaders in one way or the other.In our families we are leaders to our younger siblings, our children etc.And for every responsible leader we know that his concern is to succeed.Success is on the mind of every responsible leader.
Jesus as a leader had apostles whom he trained to carry the gospel to the world.For Him “success” in this area was effectively train this apostles and bring them to the point where they can carry on from where Jesus stopped.
What did the devil want to do? He wanted to remove the valuable part of Peter,to sift him and leave Him with chaff ,which usually carry “The form” and nothing more.It is failure for a leader If he ends up with people with “the form” of what He’s trying to make them and not have “the substance “;which is their essence for undergoing the training under that leader.
 As Christians the purpose of our existence is to glorify God in every thing we do,when we sing,when we walk,when we eat,as we relate with each other,Even AS WE LEAD.God is glorified when we do whatever we are to do well.So God God is glorified when we lead well(of course by His grace and not by our human efforts).So I can now say God is glorified when we effectively lead just the way He desires and we achieve the purpose for our leadership.Success For a christian leader should be that He is able to lead JUST THE WAY JESUS WOULD HAVE LED IF HE WERE IN THAT LEADERSHIP POSITION.let this not push us to depend on what we can do but let us be focused on JESUS AND WHAT HE CAN DO THROUGH US.Success is when we do things just like Jesus would do if it were him in our positions.
PRAYER POINT: Father I depend on your grace to help me lead just the way you will lead if you were in my position.Help me not to depend on what I can do but what you can do through me
By: Samuel Keragba

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