This month is highly packaged with a lot of events in the city of Makurdi, from Gospelfreaks album/magazine launch to Reggae Divine, this time, it will be a gathering of God’s Children again for the expression of “The Father’s Love”. 

There are wounded hearts everywhere you look. Many people can’t talk about the fact that they have been through rape, abuse and all sought of things and many people can’t talk about the fact that they have inflicted pain on others. There’s one thing I know; broken people break people, wounded people wound others. We don’t have to stay in our hurt just because we are scared of letting any one in on it.
God wants to heal the deepest wounds of our hearts and it’s time to let Him begin that healing process. He’s the one that won’t hold it against u so no matter what it is that’s there in your heart, as you lift your hands and heart in worship, He can take it over and even if u have no hurts, no pain, and you got it all together, you’re not complete without His presence. I’ve been through it all and He’s healing me. Let God begin with you too. He deserves our worship and He longs for us to be whole as we worship Him.
Make a date in this event and experience a change. See you there.

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