MEMORY VERSE:“Ye have heard that it was said of them of old time, Thou shalt not kill; and whosoever shall kill shall be in danger of the judgment:” (Mat 5:21 [KJV])
ANCHOR: Matt 5:21-22                             Generally, as Humans would always conclude that killing is when a fellow man takes another man’s life off him, either by poisoning, stabbing him with a knife,or shooting him with a gun. The tongue, actions, e.t.c; they kill faster than gun, knife, and the poisoning as can be inferred from the scriptures this morning.

As Christians, God has placed the ministry of reconciliation right in our hearts; that whatsoever we say or do should be a means of extending grace and love that Christ did show. As the scripture says that we should let our speech or words be seasoned with salt (Col 4:6). Clearly stated, also, the scriptures say  we are the salt of the earth (Mat 5:14). 

Solemn Whispers Devotional We are to spice up people’s lives with words of Life and not those which will bring death. Always remember that it’s not only by using those harmful objects on your neighbor that you can kill, but also when you use your tongue to curse, your heart to nurture or harbour hate and anger. Peter denied Jesus Christ with his tongue but grace found him afterwards. Just to add still, denial, betrayal and most common of all – unforgiving spirit, they are lethal weapons that we use to kill consciously or unconsciously. 

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We need to have God’s word richly dwelt in our hearts so it will guide and direct us in whatever right things we have to do as well as the right words to speak. 

PRAYER                                                         Dear Lord, we trust that you will help us live a life that will build and not scatter us, make and not mar, love and not hate, bless and not curse in Jesus’ Name (Amen).


Psalm 119 vs 11, Col 4 vs 6, Rom 12 vs 14.

Source: Solemn Whispers Devotional is a publication of solemn Whispers Christian Group.

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