Chibugom Favour is a revelational fiction writer who focuses on bridging gaps between humans and their knowledge of whom Christ really is. 

Without a parable, Jesus didn’t teach the people at His time. So, Favour has been endowed with such ability to tell of Christ and His love in a grand style. 

It should interest you to know that she writes for Soulzmp3 Gospel. 

Spoken Words:

So ladies and gentlemen, here is an amazing script from her. She titled this; “And I Said Yes”.

He saw me before I saw Him.

He knew me before I knew Him.

He loved me before I knew Him.

He loved me before I loved Him.

He brigded the gap at the expense of His life and personality and He told me I was worth it.

He chose me when I never had a chance. He offered me a life too good to be true. 

His eyes revealed the truth of the promise “I will never leave you nor forsake you”

When I resisted He persisted,

I said I wasn’t worth it but He said “it doesn’t matter”.

Though it was too good to be true, He made it clear that I was His choice. 

He offered royalty in place of slavery, and that he did at his expense. The gain was mine and the pain was his.

 All he went through he did for my sake without grumbling or regrets. 

Yet I was asked to make a choice he didn’t impose his proposal even when he knew it was for my good. I wondered why he wasn’t showing superiority even when he obviously was; 

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Why he chose to come to my level and why he didnt present his proposal like it was a favour even though it was.

I just couldn’t understand it all.

As I wondered, I heard a voice on my inside saying that’s what Love (The personality) is all about.

So I said Yes! it was an offer only a fool will reject. Sincerly I have no regrets cos none of his promises were exaggerated. 

He loved me and above all qualified me. Now my lone days are over because for eternity we have each other. #ForeverAccepted

Jer.1:5 “Before I formed thee in the womb I knew you before you were born u set you apart, I appointed you as a prophet to the nations”.


Have you said yes to the proposal from Christ? He’s waiting for you today. 

Be an evangelist, share this piece with your family and friends. 


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