The president and founder of Sam Zuga Foundation, Bishop Sam Zuga yesterday lamented that his brand new car which is not up to two months have gone bad beyond repairs after they Sneaked with it to go and drink beer late in the night. He made this known on facebook.

From what he said, these two drivers are not born again, this should be sound note of warning to everyone out there that it’s wrong to surround yourself with people who don’t share in your dreams. Iron sharpens iron so says the holy book. 

Critically read what the Bishop has to say… 

Enemies within are more dangerous than enemies without. The person you believe the most can kill you easier with food poison. My driver and two other people I believe so much in, sneaked with one of my latest car that is not up to two months from sam zuga city to drink beer till about 12 to 1am . Because they were all drunk, they over speed and ran into the bush. The mercy of God upon my life could not allow a scratch on any of them from this damaged car. I prophesy that no enemy within will destroy your future in Jesus name.

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