Why would on earth people could be so gullible stooping to lick, kiss or do whatever to a pastor’s shoe? The high level of gullibility of people doing things that are out of place is increasingly amazing.

Now here is the story of the Zambian pastor asking his members to kiss his shoe in order to get healed. It’s not just disgusting, but highly appalling. See photo below:

Members Kiss Zambian Pastor’s Shoes For Miracle (Photos)

People no longer to be where the sound message of the gospel is preached rather they troop to where they order for what they want to hear. You see them in their number, but if it’s where the pastors bring hammer on their sins, they run away. This is called self deception.

Members Kiss Zambian Pastor’s Shoes For Miracle (Photos)

What can I say about this? Everyone must get to know God personally, have a personal relationship with him. Don’t ever fall for this.

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