Here is the much awaited single of all time from Oase titled Grace and Mercy.

Oase is a typical representation of GRACE & MERCY! He is from an average family who managed to go through school and now the CEO of #oasemuzik.  He is a vocal and life coach, a dancer, song writer, composer, and the executive producer of #oasemuzik.

New Music: Grace and Mercy By Oase |@OaseShami

OASE believes that no one need to be born a saint before he can become a saint. Jesus Christ came to turn sinners into saints.

GRACE & MERCY is a song to transform sinners into saints through the power of the HOLY SPIRIT!

He was recently nominated for Prayze Factor Int’l awards 2017 in four different categories.

Here is the song and COVER VERSION for everyone who was not born a saint to jump on it!
Record and share in your circle to also encourage others.


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