Dynamite is a dynamic music minister who is based in Benue state. With energy and vigour, he has been doing the music with so much dexterity all to the glory of God’s name.

Igwe is a lovely high tempo praise song that sets your heart on fire in praise and worship to God Almighty. Every life must bow to a force, the particular force you pledge allegiance to matters a lot. If you are in doubt, this song “IGWE” by Dynamite Abogonye will help decide well. It tells you of whom Jesus is, and why you should have Him as your king.

The song does not only help u decide well in choosing Jesus as your King (Igwe) Dynamite ensures that as you do this, you dance out your soul God in complete and total allegiance to the Lordship of Jesus our King(Igwe).

Download the song and pledge your total submission to Igwe whilst recognizing His Lordship. Do well to share to your friends and family using the social media handle below.

DOWNLOAD: “Igwe” (King) By Dynamite Abogonye” [Free Download]


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