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Thank you for reaching out to the “Quick Upload” section of our blog. We understand that it could lack of funds that you’re not making use of the full Promotion for your song at this time. Or probably, you just want to keep this low with your favorite Soulzmp3 Gospel alone for now. Whichever one, you’re welcome. You can check out what we can offer you should it be that you want to reach millions of people with your song or other materials. 

Guidelines For Content Submission 

Please, to ensure your material(s) including songs(mp3 format) are attended to, kindly and keenly follow the instructions below. 

All materials and their requirement should be bundled and sent to Soulzmp3@gmail.com

  • Songs should be in mp3 format. 
  • Personal biography(brief) and that of the song. 
  • Clean HD artwork of the song. (contact us if you have issues figuring this out, we will direct you) Note: Songs won’t be published if the artwork is missing or has poor quality. 
  • Contact details. (Optional, but necessary) these include: social media profile; facebook, twitter, instagram, BBM, etc. 
  • Working phone number. 
  • The mail should include the Artist name, title of the song, name of producer, name of featured artist, if any. 

Having done this, kindly put a call (not chat please) across to us via our phone numbers and inform us about the materials you have sent. See below for our phone numbers. 


  • All new songs slated for premiering should be sent two(2) days before the release date.
  •  All songs must be in mp3 format
  • Video content could be sent as an attachment to the mail, this will be uploaded to our official YouTube channel for hype. Otherwise, send to us the link to the video. 
  • All songs to be sent to soulzmp3 Gospel via this email will be stamped by our official logo found on every song. To prevent us, please consider using any of our promotional offers. 

Article Submission Guidelines 

All religious articles, gospel poems, inspirational articles should be sent to our official email address. This excludes adverts and promotional articles. To feature such on our website, please get across to us via the “contact us” page for directives. 

Email: soulzmp3@gmail.com

Phone: 07069027539/07038316547 (whatsapp/call)

Twitter: @Soulzmp3 

Instagram: @Soulzmp3 

Facebook: www.fb.com/soulzmp3

BBM: 5C28588D

To your success, 


www.soulzmp3.com  (head admin).